4 Reasons You Could Be Denied a Credit Card

2. You owe too much money

If you have a lot of debt already, card companies may not be willing to give you more credit — especially if they feel you’re in over your head. In this situation, the best thing to do is work on paying down your debt. Once you’ve reduced your balance to a more manageable level, card issuers are more likely to approve your application for a new card.

3. You don’t have reliable proof of income

Card companies want to be sure you can pay back charges you make on your card. They may look at your income, and if you don’t have reliable proof of that income (such as pay stubs or tax returns), you may not get approved.

Applying with a cosigner can be helpful in these situations, as the card company takes both your income and credentials and the cosigner’s income and credentials into account. This could open the door to approval for a card even if you’re still working on boosting your income. Just remember that ideally, you will avoid carrying a balance — so don’t charge more than you can afford based on your earnings.

4. You’ve applied for too many credit cards recently

Some card companies won’t give you new credit if you have recently applied for too many other cards. If this happens, simply wait until some of the inquiries drop off your credit record.

Since this is a common reason for being denied a new card, be choosy about which new cards you apply for. Don’t necessarily apply for anything that looks like it might be a good fit — research your options and only apply for a new credit card if it is really worth it.


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