40+ Awkward Family Moments Caught on Camera & We Can’t Stop Laughing

By Veronica Pannell – 9/22/22

Funny Family Photos

Taking family photos isn’t always easy. If it’s a group photo, it can prove difficult to organize everyone in an efficient manner. For a candid shot, it’s easy to see how that approach might go wrong. These people all shared some of the family photos they say they’ll never forget and we can’t stop laughing.

Celebrating the News

We all mark big milestones in our own ways. Maybe you prefer to catch a video of an event while someone else grabs a moment. This person got rather creative.

Celebrating the News

They explained that they had a specific outfit they would wear when something big happened. It just so happened that the outfit they fell back on was a clown costume. It definitely made for some interesting photos from when their younger brother was born!

Come Back!

If there’s one setting that’s almost always sure to come with quite a few chaotic family photos, it’s going to see Santa Claus at a local event. It was sure not to be a visit to Bass Pro Shops like any other

Come Back!

It seems like this child just didn’t want to sit with a stranger rather than their mom — can you blame them? It’s hard to pin down what’s the funniest thing in this photo. Is it the mom sprinting away? One child staying in a pose? Is Santa ignoring the whole thing?

School Photos

School photos can really be hit or miss. Plenty of people have photos they look back on and wonder just what anyone was thinking when the photo was snapped. This person had a few questions about this school photo.

School Photos

While they were only 11 years old in this photo, they also pointed out they could have passed 55 years old with this photo. It could be worse but we can see how they might find the style a little dated in the early ’90s.

They Want to Join

It’s not easy to get everyone in one place for one big family photo. For a minute, it seemed like this family managed to do the impossible! To their credit, the family seems like they were ready for the photo for the most part.

They Want to Join

Still, pets are a part of the family, too, and they want to be involved! We’re not sure this family was hoping for a canine wrestling match when they took a second look at this picture.

She Needs Some Rest

Having a lot of children takes a lot of energy. Once those kids have their own kids, though, you’ll have a lot of grandkids around.

Even if you’re used to a large family, thirteen grandkids running around would use up a lot of energy. This grandmother was still trying to have fun when all the excitement of Christmas got to her. The result was a puzzle being turned into a pillow.

Oh, Okay

As a parent or a grandparent, you usually want to grab plenty of cute snapshots of the newest members of your family. Some are a little frightening, though.

This expression is already a little unsettling before you notice this toddler is enjoying a copy of The Exorcist. The person who shared this photo said they received it from their mom after a night of babysitting. It’d definitely catch us off guard, to say the least.


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