35+ Cars That Are Plummeting In Value – Is Your Car On This List?

If you’ve ever bought a car then you’re well-aware of the woes of car depreciation. The minute your new wheels leave the shop’s floor, your car’s value will lose approximately 10% of its market value. A year on and you can take off another 10% of that… at least. The discomforting truth is that your car’s value will continue to dip as time goes on- just look at the numbers. Brand new vehicles will lose an average of 15%-25% per year. By your motor’s fifth year, it will have lost 60% of its selling price! So before buying a new car, check out this list of 35+ cars that are taking a retail value hit.

Smart ForTwo

Despite being advertised as an environmentally-friendly vehicle, the Smart ForTwo is hardly worth your money. To start, it’s cramped, has a low two-gear transmission, and doesn’t have a safety rating as high as bigger cars. Once the one-year mark comes around, the Smart For Two’s value will have dropped by around 36%! That’s more or less $14,000!

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